How do you all budget for the month and manage your money when you get paid?

This board has been created to share any money saving ideas, tips and hints. Please contribute your thoughts so everybody can economise on their budgets.. This is NOT a selling site.

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I am struggling to make mine last all month even though I should have plenty Many thanks

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Divide into 4 so that's the amount you have to live off each week.

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I write everything down every penny in and out, any left over after calculating bills etc I divide by the amount of Fridays before the next payday and pay myself that on each Friday.

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Pay all bills do shopping then split rest between weeks take cash out so don't spend more than you have.

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Get paid, set up direct debit for all bills, they come out a few days after being paid
Put x amount into a savings account. The rest I use for doing what I want, then when pay day comes what I haven't spent goes into my overs account, over the months it pay for anything to do with the car and 2 holidays. I'm not tight but I think about what I want to buy, do I really need it, is it worth the money etc. My home is nice but clutter free, love my holidays, days out etc but not into going out drinking etc. Over the years I've managed to save quite well.

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I have wage and bills into one wateva left I divide into four say its 150 I take that out in cash and do not use my card.

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Need to look back and see where is going each time first of all. Plug the leaks, stop anything not necessary and so on. No point setting a plan if it's not based on your real situation.

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I have a separate account with starling with several 'spaces' for things I save for such as Christmas, car costs, vet bills etc and I put a set amount into those every pay day. I leave the money for my direct debit debits and food shops in my current account then I shuffle money around during the month as and when I need to use something from my starling account. I also have a saving space for an emergency fund so hopefully I will have something to fall back on if necessary rather than using credit cards.

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I made a list of all outgoings, I deduct this from my wages each month, then whatever is left over I divide by how many weeks till my next pay day and that is what I use each week for luxuries if we need them (meal out/takeaway/day out/new clothes etc). If it's not needed for anything or I don't use it all, I have a plum account I put it in there and it goes towards something when we do want or need it.
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