Can my daughter appeal this at all?

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Advice needed please. My daughter. Husband and 3 girls live in private rented house. It’s lovely but needs a new boiler.

Her landlady asked her if they were claiming any tax credits she could get one at cost price but they don’t claim.

My daughter is a student nurse and her husband works but only on minimum pay.

Now her landlady has increased her rent by £65 a month which I think is ridiculously high.

Can my daughter appeal this at all?

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Was your daughter given notice that her rent was going to increase. Has I'm sure that have to be notified of the increase.

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I’d speak to somewhere like shelter or citizens advice tbh. I doubt highly anyone on Facebook will be suitably qualified to answer this and wouldn’t want your daughter to get the wrong advice.

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The normal rental increase should be no more that 5% each year this figure can be negotiated though if they don’t agree with the increase! I did this as a job and had to do the negotiating between Tenants and landlords all the time.

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It is not up to your daughter to pay for a replacement boiler and she should have a lease regarding cost of rental she could check with the letting agent if there is one.

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So the landlady gets her house upgraded, if the tenant is claiming benifits...
The landlady should update and pay for the boiler.
Why should the taxpayer help her out, gready landlords

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Is the boiler working? Does it need a new boiler because the existing one is old or broken? If functioning, there's no reason landlord has to change it.

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Also rent may have been increased for lots of reasons (higher interest rates?). The landlord can only increase once per year and can increase to 'local market rate'. There's no set increase unless specified in the lease. Is the new rent comparable with other similar rental properties? If it is, then yes, the LL can increase provided he has given notice in writing... If your daughter is unhappy, she should look around to see what other private rentals are available in their area...
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