My daughters birthday is in March.. What kind of things can I do to make it more fun that wont cost a fortune?

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Hi everyone.. My daughters birthday is in March. She will be 10 and is wanting a slumber party with her friends.

What kind of things can I do to make it more fun that wont cost a fortune?

She did ask for the tipi tents, I have not looked this up but I'm sure it will be quite pricey.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Build a den or let them all sleep in the living room. Lots of parry food and things for a midnight feast. Endless films. And parents stay out of the way.

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My daughter turned 9 last week, she had 1 friend stay over so I hired 2 teepees, I had a look on Etsy and got them Both a personalized sleepover bag with slippers, eye mask and pjs all the with their own name on, nice face masks and snacks they loved it.

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Face masks, paint nails, chocolate fondue with strawberries etc, girly films and popcorn.

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Get a make-up artist to come and glam them up every little girls dream I did it with my daughter big hit.

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My daughter had 1 for her 9th birthday, I got them all munchies, face masks, feet masks and let them sleep in livingroom, my friend also borrowed me her blow up hot tub...but they only went in for 10mins they where happier in the house having a little pamper and control of the TV :lol:

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Make a photo booth corner.
They spend half there life taking selfies.
U can get the back drops from amazon bout 3 quid each 2 should do then buy the photo booth kit ( geek glasses n hats n frame eyc again bout £10) hours of entertainment with pizza, Make mocktails n get plastic cocktail glasses easy n cheap.
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