What TV units or sideboards have you all got and that is child proof?

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Hey.. So, I currently have my TV on my living room wall but i want it in the corner of my living room maybe on a unit or something but I'm in two minds as i have 3 kids under the age of 5. Don't want them touching it. Need it high-ish.

For abit of inspiration what TV units or sideboards have you all got and that is child proof?

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Just get adjustable corner TV bracket, I have mine on one and just fold it back into the wall when not in use.

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We have ours on a bracket in the corner up high. No cabinet for us just yet.

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If your kids will touch it I’d defo leave it up high mine is on wall and my kids are teenagers now but when one was 3 he pulled it on him self.

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Tell your kids not to touch it. Secure it to the unit so it won't move. It's the same with anything in the house. They soon know some things are not to be touched. Like cookers etc.

You can't put everything out of kids reach.

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We had one similar to this


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We had a TV on a higher unit in the playroom, 4 year old still managed to climb up and topple it, one broken TV.
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