Do not go to Sainsbury's, popped in just for tea ..

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They appear to have used new year to hike all their prices and remove all offers. Fish, bacon, crisps, no potatoes waffles , cereal except sainsburys own brand, spaghetti.

Even I was shocked at how little their was which did not seem excessively priced compared to before Xmas.

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Unfortunately all super markets are going up and alot of supermarkets have limited products due to Christmas they haven't recieved deliveries.

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I've just been in sainsburys and if was full of reduced to clear money off meal deals half price offers all over the store.

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Every shop has put their prices up - I couldn’t believe the price of milk yesterday!

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I saw a Reddit post from a Sainsbury colleague and they had to do 4000 price corrections on New Year’s Day. No doubt most of them were hikes!
Di Davies

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I work for Sainsbury's and it's called plinth change.
It happens every 3 wks , it's when offers come off & new offers go on.

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All supermarkets are raising their prices. Use Tesco... their ‘value’ range is very good and if you get yourself a Club Card then you can save more... it’s free to get a Club Card. Been using Tesco for 20 years... tried Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Asda... but always go back to Tesco!

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A bad place to shop expensive empty shelves the new owners hiked all the prices up if you do shop there check sell by dates on their stuff a lot is very close to the date some over so check the dates also check your till receipt have stopped shopping there a lot of their stuff is cheaper at Mark's & Spencer's and better quality.

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I went after hearing there Christmas lights ect were all at half price but discovered that offer had all been removed from shelves after just a few days and new stock in place no thought for their customers

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I understand the passing on off price increases due to wage, elect , gas ect and it would be fine if it wasnt that more people using foodbanks and supermarket are still making eye watering proft. Every company is looking to make profit but it would be good to see in times when it's needed that the customers are not robbed as a result. the distribution of wealth from manufacturers and consumers to share holders is growing vaster all the time

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I bought some Aveno shampoo and conditioner in Morrisons last week , special offer normally £8 now £6 , still expensive , went across the road to home bargains ,what a shock ,they're selling same for £3-99!!!!! That's 33% cheaper plus lots of other branded goods at a substantial saving , shame on you Morrisons , I know where I'll be going first now.

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Waitrose the same , I brought a slice of turkey at the meat counter yesterday, it was £1.38 ..I only got it as I hadn't had any over Christmas. I said thats a bit expensive, she replied with all meat is expensive and what a good Christmas waitrose had had .won't be buying that anymore.

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Tin of Heinz tomato soup £1.90 in the coop, other makes that price too, ridiculous!
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