Where to buy cheap wood for a log burner?

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Hi everyone, I need of advice.. Where to buy cheap wood for a log burner, please. As a bag cost 8 pounds,but it doesn't last long. I know it is cheaper buy a bulk.

Any cheap provider?

Thanks everyone..

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Look locally for places. Some places will deliver in bulk. Just make sure you have somewhere to store it to keep it dry as it will be seasoned and dried. Or you may be able to collect. We have a local place that we just collect from. There's no such thing as cheap wood now, gas prices have increased demand so wood has gone up too.

If you have a dual fuel burner using a little coal can help to keep the fire and heat going longer.

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I get from home bargains It's about £6-7 a bag, or i think u can buy a full pallet from them too They are pretty good.

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Wr use al8cal supplier in S Yorkshire and 0ay 120quid for 1.5tons delivered.
It lasts all winter too so m9nthly costs arw by far cheaper than gas.

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Wood prices have gone through the roof ,we are paying £20.00 more for a load than 6 months ago.

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Buy in bulk from a local tree surgeon, get a mixed of hard and soft wood. Make sure it's been seasoned it doesn't need to be kiln dried just dried to a certain moisture level.

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I pick up windfall logs, but know where I am £250 from a local farmer will get you enough logs for a winter. Just put a post on a local community Facebook group and sure people will suggest some local suppliers.
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