I have in several occasions told TV licence I don't want a licence but they keep sending letter to the occupation

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Now they are saying they are coming to my address on thrusday which is fine but what time do you think they will come coz I'm at work all day and I have ran out of holiday pay so I don't want to book it off and lose a days wages.

I'm happy for them to come and see we don't watch TV I haven't even got a TV aerial or sky / virgin / freeview.

I watch Netflix on my phone and mainly TikTok.

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You are not obliged to let them in. Ignore them.

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Have you been on there website and declared you don’t need one. I did this a couple years ago and you get a email every year asking if it’s changed, you say no and that’s it.

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They always send those letters to scare you. Ignore them.

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I think they can tell from outside the house.

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Don't take a day off work... Just fill out the form online and say you don't need one.

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My daughter does not have a tv licence , the tv licence people are fine with this as she only watches Netflix prime Disney and goes on utube … normal tv is of no interest to her … you will not be in trouble let the tv licence people in and they will see for themselves.

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You don't need to open your door you don't have to speak to them they only catch people by the person admitting to watching live tv and they use fear tactics and bullying

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They have no power of entry, you do not have to let them in, make the no licence required declaration and keep it updated. Ignore them, their visit and their letters, they frequently don't even bother to turn up and if they do and you are there, it's your door, your privacy and they are just salesmen, treat them accordingly, "no thank you", shut door

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I keep getting emails saying I’ve been caught watching iPlayer ‘several times in the last month’ I don’t have iPlayer, I haven’t had it for 7 years as I don’t watch bbc programmes because they’re shite 😂 I don’t have a tv licence and I declared I don’t need one. Was told on the phone by someone who works for tv licence that I need one to watch Netflix but I told him to check the website as it says I don’t 😂

Oh, and I ended up in court as I refused to buy one I told the dude what I watch and showed them pictures on my phone I had taken of my tv set up. The magistrate person told me that because I have the capability of watching live tv, I have to pay for a tv licence. I told him I also have the capability to murder someone but I won’t. Just because I have the equipment, doesn’t mean I have the time!

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Just go on the website and fill in an online thing saying you don't watch live TV. Don't let them make you feel like you HAVE TO PAY cos you don't at all. I haven't paid mine in about 8 years. I don't plan on paying either ha

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Honestly, just go to work & forget about it! They probably won't even turn up anyway. You are honestly worrying for nothing. They are just trying to frighten you & they have absolutely no rights to come into your home! It's like letting your postman in or the double glazing window salesperson into your home...they have absolutely no power whatsoever! Don't let them in your home as they are known to set you up! Go onto YouTube and watch Chillijoncarne. He tells you everything you legally need to know to be license free & talks about the tv license goons. He tells you to never let them into your home. Take a look at the tv license goons videos on YouTube and you'll see for yourself how much power they've got!
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