Ideas to get acrylic nails off myself at home please?

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Thank you so much! ❤ IA

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Fairy washing up liquid in warm water let them soak and the they come off.

Post by Kayleigh »

Don’t bite them off , please 🙏, get a nail clippers and cut them down , then file them down, use acetone like this - get two bowls , one with hot water in and the other with the pure acetone in , place the pure acetone one in the hot water so it sits on it like you would do when melting chocolate, place finger tips in there for 15/20 mins then take out and sand again , if super soft then use a cuticle pusher to scrape the acrylic off , repeat this till it’s all off then file gently.

Post by Tracey »

Bite them off!! That’s what I do 🤣 although it’s not recommended. The correct way is to soak them in acetone.

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I file over the tops of the acrylics soak cotton wool in acetone wrap it round each nail and then cover with tinfoil. Let soak for a bit then take it off and file off and reapeat till it's all off.

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File down to a thin layer using 100/150 grit file soak a beauty pad in pure acetone (nail varnish remover with acetone in will take longer) and wrap with foil. Can use heat such as hot water bottle to help. Use a 180/240 grit to file off and keep repeating until all off.

Post by Alison »

Soak cotton. Rounds in acetone then wrap yr fingers in them wrap foil on top

Post by Charley »

Cur them down as much as you can, acetone soaked cotton wool on them then wrap in foil. Unwrap every 20 mins and scrape off the goo, fresh cotton wool and wrap again. Then file, buff, cuticle oil.

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Soak cotton wool in acetone, put it on the nail, wrap nail in tin foil, mine came off easily after 10 minutes or so.

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Soak acetone on cotton pads. Cover over nail and wrap in tinfoil. Leave for about 30 mins and they’ll peel off quickly easily.
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