Looking for a tablet for my 5 year old...

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Must be able to have kids YouTube, Disney, Netflix etc.
Extra bonus if it's under £100.

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Amazon fire tablets are great, my little one had one when he was 3, he’s now 6 and it’s still going strong. It’s in a kid proof case, can get all apps.

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I got a Amazon fire from Argos for £39.99 just before Christmas (unsure on stock and prices now)

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We got ours Samsung ones from Argos £118 and Amazing. I would advice not to buy old tablets or phones from cex because ones they are reset you can’t download most apps as they need the new updates which they can’t get. Just be carful

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We always bought my son Samsung (after an amazon fire that was shocking) but this time we bought Lenovo, and it's fantastic for the price! We got it with a sim too on offer for £150 with 20gb data for the month. We really shopped around to get it at that price though x

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Cex - I got my 9 and 6 year old both a year old tablet and a year old phone for £300 for Christmas! Both in perfect condition & 2 year warranty, the phone even had the original box! I refuse to buy brand new because they are probably gonna get broken tbh x

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Amazon fire kid’s edition absolutely amazing!
- 2 year warranty for any damage
- 1 year kids subscription
- big bouncy case unless you get the new edition
They’re amazing, can get YouTube, Roblox, any games and then transfer them to kids profile. Whilst on kids profile they can’t do absolutely nothing and they need a password to get onto adult profile x

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We got my wee boy an Acer £79.00 and then I got word my old kindle was out of date so managed to get myself an Amazon fire kindle from Argos £30!! We got my dad one too but went up to £60. But we all love them. X

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I got my boys a fire 7 each for 31.99 during black Friday they are around 60 in argos but depends on size and storage on it as u can get then with a bigger screen more memory or with cases to protect them
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