Said I would set up my son on Fortnite on the Switch.. So,

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Asking on here in the hope someone might know the answer.. Said I would set up my son on Fortnite on the Switch.

I had read that you needed an Epic Games account so I did the first, registered chose a user ID etc.

Then downloaded Fortnite on the Nintendo, but when I went to log in on the switch it wouldn’t accept my Epic Games log in details.

So I had to choose another user ID to get in.

I have now ended up with the user iD on the switch which isn’t linked to an Epic games account (and also won’t let me do parental controls because of the email address) and then the original user ID linked to the epic games account, but I can’t figure out how to log into this one on the switch, as it logs straight into the one set up on the switch.

This gaming business is all very confusing, and after hours of trying to sort it i can’t for the life of me figure it out.

Any experts out there that can help? Thank you

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Not very techy myself with all the log ins but I do know you don’t need an epic games account to play Fortnite on the switch.

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Log into epoc games on a pc and you can link the switch account 2 it

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I just downloaded it on the switch didn’t need any of tht?? Just the account he uses on the switch?
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