Best pads for periods

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Good afternoon all! Needing some tips on periods ❤️

My daughter is 12 and has quite a heavy flow. Can anyone recommend some pads for her as the teen ones we’ve been using are more like panty liners & she’s filling these quite easily.

She is using period pants incase of overflow too ❤️

Many thanks in advance..

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My daughter is 11 and similar. We use Modibodi period pants, and a pad when it’s heavier.

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Have you tried night time ones there longer and hold alot better xx

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Night time ones were my choice as a 13 year old with heavy flow.

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I always used to use the night time pads as they were so much bigger and I felt safer.

I'm now 33 and just use heavy flow period pants, getting older and my body has decided it doesn't like sanitary products

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My daughter heavy I find the always night time 1s is the best.
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