What age is it acceptable to talk to a kid about life being short and only having one life?

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I want to make sure that my daughter makes the most of life and does not waste life. I want her to understand that you only get one shot at life and to make the most of it.

What age is it acceptable to talk to a kid about life being short and only having one life?

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When they’re not a kid

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She will have to figure that out on her own!

What you mean by waste of life might be her favourite thing in the world

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To be honest I think that’s a bit deep for a 9 year old. It’s applying pressure. If you leave her to it she’ll enjoy the special times anyhow.

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I think the best way to tell or teach our kids this is to live that way ourselves. Let them see you having fun, making memories, cherishing every moment. We also tell our just 5-year-old this all the time, by encouraging her to live in the moment and enjoy everything we do. Take in the sights/smells/beauty of nature and everything around us

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I'm confused why this is a necessary conversation for a child?

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To me it is about teaching them to value people and experiences encouraging them to experiences things. To me telling them not to waste life puts pressure on them that they must succeed and work out what they want young when what succeed means even differs from one person to the next.

Post by Rebecca »

She will do what she wants to do when she’s old enough to figure this life out!

It’s all about making mistakes to learn from them. She will make wrong choices but that doesn’t mean she’s not making the most of life, in that moment that’s what she wanted to do.

I genuinely believe you cannot get children to understand this. I as an adult look back and wish I could change so much but it doesn’t affect me now I just accept it was what it was and make the most of what I can etc!

She will look back and remember things, days memories moments and know she made the best and had the best time it’s just not something I believe you can teach anyone!

Post by Bryan »

As a parent, we ALL want our kids to prosper & excel. Maybe just encourage them to work hard & do what makes them happy in life.

Post by Daniel »

Not when they still believe in Santa and the tooth fairy that's for sure as long as she is happy, she isn't wasting anything.
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