My son has a Xbox one we are now on the 3rd set of headphones different brand's

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They start of working and after a bit his friends say he sounds funny or they can't hear him at all. I'm sure it's the Xbox and not the headphones now.

I've tried goggle and looked at the settings but can't even find some of the bits on the settings that goggle tells me, would be grateful for any help.


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Get from Argos and Insure them it’s about £6 a year.

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I had this with my son he went through 5 sets of headphones, now he has playstation ones for his playstation yes they cost more but I am hoping they will last longer than his £20 ones

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Does he have a.mic on them. My son got new ones at Xmas. He said that his friends couldn't hear him. We found the mic had to be completely down otherwise it went onto mute. Maybe check those settings?

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It could be the controller. The port goes sometimes. Happened with my kids x

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It might actually be the headphone port in the controller as I've had that trouble before turned out it was the headphone port

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We found our boy a wireless pair. But it may also be the game they are playing having issues, for a few days we thought our boys headset was broke but it was an issue on fortnite

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If it’s a particular game, such as fortnite, check the chat/party settings.
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