I wondered how people deal with the constant bits and bobs around the house!

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We’re trying to be more minimalist but there’s always ‘stuff’ everywhere! Does anyone have some organisational advice for clearing clutter, various areas in the house etc?

pics would be helpful too.


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I use a crap box, its literally a plastic box of crap that I come across!!
I find crap, put it in the crap drawer or straight in the crap box.
Mine lives under the stairs out of sight

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Storage is king!! I have a bread bin in the kitchen that I don't use for bread, just for all the knick knacks so they don't clutter the side. Boxes that look nice but hold all the clutter. Box for all the kids school work etc. Occasionally I go through the boxes

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Depending on your budget I’d recommend getting a personal organiser in. I’m liaising with a lovely lady who’s going to help me (I have bipolar and adhd and really struggle to do things myself)
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