I’m 14 weeks pregnant and have been suffering horrendously with morning sickness

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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.. I work 9-3 Monday to Friday, has anyone got any foods, snacks, or meals they can share that I could take with me to work that don’t take ages to prepare.

Thank You..

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Depending on how sick you are your gp might prescribe medication to help, which is safe and better than ended up in hospital on drips, this happened to me as I was being sick all day everyday (hyperemisis). To be honest I just tried to eat anything I could stomach, and lived off lucozade and toast until the meds helped and I could eat healthier meals but even then I was still being sick numerous times a day. I'm sorry you are experiencing it I know how awful it is I've gone through it 3 times but it's all worth it once baby arrives (even if I didn't feel like it when pregnant) xxx

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If its HG then absolutely nothing will help but a medication called ondansetron. I had it with both my girls and spend most of my pregnancies in hospital hooked up to a drip for 8 hours a day until they gave me ondansetron near the end which helped keep me out of hospital for the last few weeks of my last pregnancy

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I suffered with horrendous nausea when pregnant with both my girls - never sick but constantly felt like I was going to be until I was 16-18 weeks. The only thing I found helped was sucking on mints - polos or tictacs!

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Talk to ur doctor they can help I was in and out of hospital with 2 of my pregnancy due to sickness was put on tablets to help.

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It depends on your cravings.

I am week 24 and still sickness every day but I have noticed that the key for me is to est constantly (I mean like every 30min) a cracker, cheese, tangerine, even some sweets like werters original…

I love fruit as gives you the sugar shoot, I haven’t been able to eat a sausage or bacon since pregnant or any smelly food. Also pot noodles fir lunch, and any ham and cheese sandwich, turnover or croissant.

Good luck

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I have all day sickness too, you need to eat little and often an empty stomach makes me feel worse. Get some anti sickness tables from doctors as it can ease it and sea bands are great too.

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From someone who was sick morning till night & sometimes even overnight, nothing helped till I went and got some medication from the doctors! Don’t make yourself suffer, it’s horrible

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I suffered badly with both pregnancies and with my first kept being told it would get better. I crawled into my drs surgery and cried that I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. (I felt so bad and had suffered pregnancy loss so was feeling at my lowest. Sorry if trhis triggers anyone.). I couldn’t move out of bed and was told I needed to be put into a drip and given anti sickness meds. They made life bare-able but it was hard working full time. I found sucking boiled sweets kept the nausea at bay. It wasn’t great for my teeth but neither was being sick 20-30 times a day! You have my full sympathies. It’s miserable and I hated that I didn’t enjoy being pregnant. When pregnant second time round, my son would sit on the bathroom floor and rub my back for me.

It did get slightly easier after about 20 weeks for me. So it could be that it eases for you. A mixture of medication and boiled sweets were the only thing to help me and I tried everything!! I’ve been told that you have to try different anti-sickness meds to find what works. I probably should have kept trying different ones to find better but as long as I could move without wanting to hurl I was happier. Good luck x

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I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my 4th and ended up being admitted to a ward on a drip and the only things I could tolerate towards the end was plain crackers with small amount of cheese, ginger biscuits and plain pasta. I really hope you start to feel better soon, morning sickness usually starts getting better between 16-20 weeks. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy xx

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I had day sickness that got worse as day went on and had to go to bed at 7pm, I feel for you!! Overnight at around 14 weeks it just stopped! Fingers crossed for you!!
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