Considering private healthcare insurance - family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children)

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Any recommendations, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated!

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If the government cancel my NI contributions I will happily pay for private healthcare and dental treatment etc. Bit miffed why people who choose private cover effectively have to pay it twice.

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Exactly what the government want.

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Worth checking with usaycompare, they deal with various insurers and also give you advice on the many bells and whistles you can have with your policy.

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Will be interested in this too given the current state of the NHS. I looked at BUPA last night, worked out about £250 per month based on what I chose. I did look at Benenden today which is much cheaper about £12 pm per person. Don't think cover as good but not looked into it too much yet. Will be interested too see what others suggest x
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