Lush Boxing Day Sale.. Has anyone had any success?

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I placed an order on boxing day for about £50. One tiny box arrived this morning with one thing in for £1.70. It's impossible to contact them. The phones are off and live chat never goes through.

I understand their terms of first come first served etc but I just want my money back for the stuff they couldn't fulfill.

Anybody had any luck with them?

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Luckily I paid with PP and because over £30 of my items were missing, I opened a case with PP and they refunded automatically.

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I ordered Boxing Day. I messaged a few days ago to see where my order was as I was having an op this week. The webchat person said they’d had 27,000 orders so couldn’t give me details on my specific order. It arrived yesterday and I only got 2 gift boxes instead of 6. I’m really disappointed in the whole thing.

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I also ordered over £50 worth 29th Dec and heard nothing. I've tried ringing and it just rang out and hung up on me, tried the live chat message thing, no response. I've emailed yesterday so will see if that works.

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I made 2 orders, one for U.K. and one international. I received the international within a few days, and haven’t had the international yet.

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I made an order on 27th dec and was delivered Thursday. I contacted them via Twitter and got a response. When I got an email to say my order had been dispatched I also got another email to tell me something was out of stock so they refunded me which I have received.

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Hmmm. I've ordered £100 of items. And heard nothing. This doesn't sound good.
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