To all the Moms out there, be patient and understanding. This will all be over

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I remember when my daughter was 2.5 years old, she will only eat mac and cheese, noodles, banana or bread. Her food selection will rotate on those 4. I was so stressed everytime i feed her because it will take us 3-4 hours just to finish her meal. I am lucky she loves pediasure atleast she gets supplements.

Now that she is turning 4, I have noticed she became open to trying new food and I am glad I do not have to think of cooking a different meal for her because she eats the same food we eat on the table. I am talking about rice meals. By the way, she still don't want to eat vegetables. I am tired of forcing her.

To all the Moms out there, be patient and understanding. This will all be over.

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That's true. I was a picky eater myself. I distinctly remember when I was a kid, I wouldn't eat anything except for SPAM, hotdogs, bacon, fried egg, and Mcdonalds chicken nuggets. Wouldn't eat rice at all, wouldn't drink water either. I only started to eat vegetables and fish in high school! And I only started drinking water in college!

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I noticed my 5-year-old is now more open to trying new food. He may not like them, but we praise him for at least trying it. And we keep encouraging him to try the food multiple times.

So far he’s added salami and steak.
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