My 2 yo boy is not eating breakfast

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I give him a smoothie drink everyday so he gets something. He was eating a couple hostess donuts, but now it's like pulling teeth to get him to eat anything.

He is underweight but Dr isn't concerned because he's growing like he has been since he was born, and all my kids have been on the small side.

All healthy just small.

Just worried because 5 out of 7 days he goes to daycare and don't want him to go hungry until lunch. They don't do a morning snack there.

Anyone else have a non breakfast eater, or tips?


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I think if the smoothie is working try to add a bit of nut butter and even some oatmeal to make it more nutrient dense. My son is not a great breakfast eater either. He eats a small breakfast but I also give him a smoothie after.

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I do. All 3 of my kids.

Honestly... if your little one is drinking smoothies, you can definitely add calories in it.

My kids were on instant carnation. They wouldn't touch smoothies unfortunately.

My husband I'd add to his for calories when he was going through treatment.

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Does he have any milk in the morning before/ with breakfast? We were giving about 3 oz in a cup at breakfast and then it would put him off food the entire day, we’ve stopped and it’s taken a few days but now started to eat his meals.

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Sorry but what Daycare doesn't do morning snack? How do they expect kids to go till lunch with out food?

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My kid gets so early for school, he just isn’t hungry at all. Luckily they have snack about 930am.

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As if they don't do morning snack. Toddlers need to eat every 2 hours. That's ridiculous.
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