Can I please get some ideas of what I could feed my kids

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They are bored of eating the same thing but refuse to try new stuff. They eat the following: pizza, plain pasta, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, noodle soup, cucumber, raw carrot, apple, nuts, popcorn and chocolates.

Please help with ideas.

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This sounds exactly like my daughter's diet only she also likes steak and just got into eggs again. Maybe see if your little ones would like those since their pallets seem so similar to my daughter's.

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Would they try raw bell pepper? My daughter loves the red, orange, and yellow peppers!

Also, we do Tri colored rotini a lot for lunch with butter and parm. Cinnamon raisin bread with butter and fruit/nuts on the side is a good snack

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Omg this is so close to my daughters diet. Mind also really love smoothies which is where I sneak in the kale, spinach, whatever and they love it. We recently started turning them into popsicles so that’s a new fun treat even though it tastes the same. I’ll switch it up with juice/water mixture.

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Pork tenderloin is nice and soft (not chewy) with some either mashed potatoes or rice and gravy and some veg / salad on the side and roasted potatoes.

Grilled chicken and cheese Quesadillas.

Corn dogs and fries.

Crumbed fish (vandekamp works for my picky eater) because it's not too much of a fishy smell or taste and fries.
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