Any tips for kids that won’t eat meat

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I always put it on there plate and it goes untouched my twins are almost 4 and have slowly gone from some chicken to basically none. The only meat my daughter will eat consistently is steak and mama don’t have the budget to have that daily.

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Only meat my daughter will eat is 1 brand of fish sticks and crispy bacon, so I am no help. She eats yogurt, cheese and milk, so I don't worry about the lack of meat.

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My kids notninto meat either, but he eats peanut butter and he will eat smoothies and shakes so he's getting his protein where I can give it to him for now and we keep trying. I shared here the other day that all of a sudden he likes plain mcdonalds cheeseburgers and I'm so freaking excited.

Have you tried lots of other forms of protein? My son loves hos *chocolate milk* (protein shakes) and his smoothies with chia seeds in them.

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My son is 5 used to eat meat turned 3 and I started struggling. Occasionally a burger and I can count on McDonald's chicken nuggets no others will work. He does eat yogurt and peanut butter sometimes cheese. I've tried making protein milk, shakes, hot chocolate kid knows the difference. I've tried some of then kids protein bars and same he knows the difference between the granola/snack bars and those. He won't touch beans anymore, veggies are a no most the time. So I know the struggle. I can't even get him to try a bite of steak. Before 3 he was a good eater ate anything and everything. Now the struggle is I pick my battles and hope for some kind of win with a type of protein.

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Mine eats no meat. Never has. We just get her to eat cereal and do a multivitamin which is currently a struggle but that’s a different story.

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I let my son try whatever even if it is my food. Kid never ate meat. Then 2 weeks ago started chomping down on my loaded Whataburger.

Apparently now he likes hamburgers. It was so out of the blue.

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As long as they get protein in other ways it's ok if they don't eat meat often.

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Following! My picker eater will only eat chicken nuggets and it’s a fight even for those. Protein in general is struggle for us. Yogurt, milk and the occasional peanut butter sandwich (on a good day) are her main sources of protein. She won’t touch any other type of meat or beans or nuts.

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Buy a roast, cut into steaks. You can cut like 6-10 steaks from a $30 roast (depending on the cost per kg in your area of course). I used to get like a 3 pack of roasts from Costco for like $40 and get like 18 steaks from it. Best hack.
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