I’ve noticed that my toddler is not drinking water this last few days but she’s drinking milk

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What else I can offer to her so she will drink besides juice and water?

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I know this doesn't really answer the question, so I apologize up front here. But I water down my son's milk. That way he still gets about a full cup of milk every day for the nutrients, but most of what he's drinking is actually water. It's all he will drink.

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Have you tried using a different bottle? My little one started drinking more when I used a bottle with a straw x

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Anytime I bring it a new cup or water bottle my kids drink a ton so maybe try that or having a tea party or cheersing glasses before drinking.

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My PE recently discovered ice water and can’t get enough of it. Perhaps you could offer water with ice it?
Or if you want something other than juice and water, you could blend fruits and vegetables for a smoothie. You could also try yogurt drinks.
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