My 2.5 yr old daughter weighs 22.5 pounds

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She has always been a picky eater, but has gotten worse by the weeks! Her pediatrican said so long shes on the growth chart she should be OK, and she will pick up her weight as she gets older.

But she is now at like 1.5th percentile! I am so worried and so tired of getting her to eat. She loves certain foods but is done at 2-3 bites.

Any insight from Mamas on this FORUM?

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We were in the same boat, done after a couple bites. I just started feeding her when she’s done feeding herself. Or handing her a fork with food already on it. We do lots of “play and eat” as she calls it. It’s not ideal, but she’s gained 5 lbs in 6 months and was 29lbs at her 3-year appointment in November.

Also, I’d like to add I don’t force her to eat, she’s happy to eat it most of the time (and I say it’s fine when she doesn’t) she just doesn’t want to sit and feed herself, her ped says it’s very normal for this age

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My daughter is 18 months and this sounds like her. She has been loosing weight since her 12 month appointment and her doctor is concerned. Went from 56th percentile to 15th. We got a referral to a dietician, and are trying to up the amount of high fat foods she eats in a day.

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Has she always been in the range of 10th percentile or less?
I feel you as my boy did the same. No milk, no other caloric intake and yet 2-3 mouths at every meal. I wonder how he survived. Good at words but never once said he's hungry until he was around 3.5yo when he started saying "I feel like eating something", that was when he started eating more.

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We are on a similar boat. Both in terms of age and weight. Today she said bleh to her safe food. It broke my heart.

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Two was the worst year. I don't know precisely but I would say he was moderately picky from 12 months to 3.5 years, with peak picky from 2-3 in various phases.

I'd say he's still picky but has turned a corner since 3.5.

Anyway this is really about the long game. If he did 3 bites at dinner I'd wait half an hour and then feed him more bites in front of the tv and that would often work.
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