Is anyone else battling post-COVID food issues?

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This might be very specific: I personally struggle with parosmia after COVID. (Tastes and smells are distorted. Foods I normally love taste like burning trash).

My son (4yrs) is my picky kid. The foods he used to eat, now completely avoids and refuses. Oddly enough, they are the same foods that taste like trash to me, too.

Is anyone else battling post-COVID food issues?

Picture for attention of the cookies he decorated but never ate.

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It came back to me after taking zinc supplements and smelling all the spices in my cabinet. I also watched a few videos on YouTube how to get smell back after COVID and tried a few.

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Yes, I have wondered if my child’s sense of smell/ taste were affected by Covid and if it contributes to picky eating. Unfortunately my child can’t communicate it to me yet.

I have Parosmia and I’m afraid it’s doing to opposite to me- I’ve gained weight because I continue to eat when my cravings aren’t satisfied. I’ll crave something but when I eat it without really smelling or tasting it its not satisfying, so I try something else and something else…
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