Keto friendly drinks at Starbucks

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I need some drinks I can order at Starbucks that are Keto friendly.

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I get iced coffee no classic two pumps of sf vanilla (2net carbs ) add heavy cream . We have Dutch Brothers here so they have way more sugar free syrups.

Post by Tina »

I get a coffee Frappuccino with no milk, heavy cream, extra ice and sugar free vanilla.. amazing

Post by Don »

You’re going to hear the same thing every time. SF vanilla and heavy cream/half and half. The only thing that can change is the kind of coffee. They don’t serve the dolce de leche anymore. Probably because of the product shortages they talked about.

Post by Jarrod »

Black coffee! Learn to love it and you can order it anywhere!

Post by Mark »

Nitro cold brew, sugar free flavoring, heavy cream.

Post by Sarah »

Americano with heavy cream and cinnamon powder... iced or hot.

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I used to work here.. the only thing I’ve found is the sugar free vanilla and heavy cream for the milk. This can be made into an iced coffee, cold brew, & hot latte.

- All frap bases have absurd amounts of sugar
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