Looking for advice on what to serve our nearly 2 year old daughter (DF, SF), who was diagnosed with AFRID in December

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Since weaning, she quickly settled on only accepting small portions of minced meat (rotated between turkey, beef, pork) with a chopped tomato sauce and then plain pasta. She would have this for lunch and dinner.

Since October, she completely stopped eating it and if it's presented to her, she will get hysterical. One day I decided to give her a fish finger and she accepted it.

For the last two months, the only foods she will eat is either fish fingers or chicken goujons, peas and sweetcorn. She seems to have completely dropped all carbs, despite me trying to always offer them to her.

Since Christmas, I've noticed her intake of these foods is slowly dropping off - just like it did with her original mince meal - and I think we're close to her cutting them off again. I tried the mince again the other night thinking the food fatigue of having it may have eased but she reacted in the same hysterical way.

My main question is where the heck to we go from here? I am lost as to what I can try on her next. Nursery try offering her different meals whilst she's there x2 a week (like today: BBQ chicken pasta) but she just refuses everything other than peas and sweetcorn! Any advice?!

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Maybe she won't feel ready to swap to a new food until she's completely done with the old one. That seems like what happened last time.

How often do you offer new food? What new food have you offered in the last month or so?

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Are you going to a feeding therapist? They would have the best advice on how to help a child accept more foods over time.
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