What eventually happens for your PE that doesn't eat anything offered at daycare?

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Did they eventually give in and try their food or do they just come home and stuff themselves with safe foods since they've been hungry the whole day?

My almost 3yo son started a new daycare and he does not like anything they offer there. Not even milk. Only drank water the whole day. He wouldn't even go to sit with the other kids at the table, would run off playing by himself every time the teacher lets go of him.

I mean this is not surprising to me and I totally expected it...but just curious what other PEs do when only non-safe foods are offered at daycare? His daycare doesn't allow outside foods so bringing his own food is not an option. Thanks for reading.

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I added youve spoken with the daycare about it? Mine will rarely eat lunch at daycare he might have some cereal in the morning, then apples and pears at afternoon tea. They are actually really good with him and will offer him plain pasta and plain crackers if it seems like he's hungry but won't eat.

We aren't allowed to bring food in either but they will make exceptions at times. If he had allergies then you'd be able to bring food in so I'm sure there could be a compromise. Even if you have to get a doctor to sign off on it so the daycare has covered their butts.

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I think that if he is not eating any of the school food then they need to make an exception and allow you to bring food for him. I would address your concerns with the director. I work at a child center and although we frown upon outside food entering the building, especially since we are nut free, we do allow it and just make sure none of the foods contain something the children are allergic to in that classroom. My daughter attends my child care center and I sometimes bring lunches for her if I know she will not eat the school lunch that day. If his day care will absolutely not allow it (which is ridiculous…) then I would just give it time. My daughter actually eats better at school now than at home lol. Seeing their friends eat the same meal helps, just might take some time.

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My little guy actually eats better at daycare than at home and sometimes watching the bigger kids at daycare eating all their food has gotten him to try new foods.

He went on a play date with one of the kids from daycare and is all of a sudden obsessed with plain mcdonalds cheese burgers now thanks to him! I'll take it tho because he never ate beef before that even tho it's not the best quality beef atleast it's a new food

Thanks peer pressure! Lol

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Ahhh I’m In the same boat! My 3.5 year old hasn’t eaten a “meal” at daycare since he was about 2. He will eat any fruit they offer and rice crackers and I think sometimes he gets extra rice crackers at lunch -if he says he’s hungry. (I know they make other kids sandwiches if they don’t eat lunch but my PE won’t touch bread ☹️). So basically yeah he eats a lot in the mornings before he goes and comes home hungry! As a result we can’t really have a family meal because the kids are too hungry and due to work schedules we can’t eat with them at 5pm. I just take comfort that his weight is normal and a range foods are foods are being offered and he’s being exposed even if he never accepts them. It’s hard and it stresses us out sometimes but it hasn’t impacted his growth or development at all.

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My son eventually ate everything at daycare, it took a while though.

Then at his current kindy they gave him crackers or bread and butter instead unfortunately. This year I’m going to ask that they give him kindy food in how he eats it.
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