I’m in tears right now because my blood sugar is sky rocketing again even though I corrected for what I ate

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I’m just so tired, physically mentally and emotionally.

I’ve had this for over 20 years, basically my whole life, and some days I just feel like I want to ignore it all or give up or just scream. I just don’t even know. I’m so mentally exhausted.

I still struggle with the “why me” of it all, even so many years later.

NOTE: NOT looking for medical advice, just moral support here.


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You got this... one day at a time... none of us are perfect when it comes to this disease!

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So, I’ve been taking fast acting for about year now, this is the ONLY way it works for me. I correct and than 20 - 30 mins later if not dropping I correct again at whatever number I’m at. (typically it’s still arrow up) than, I’ll come down and it works! Just watch it till it settles sometimes I keep dropping so I’ll treat like a low at 5.5 mmol using protein and if you’re still dropping add some juice (I use boost works like a charm, little sip and I’m good) give it a go if you find your always spiking and not coming down at all

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We just been diagnoised its 10 today hoping go down as started inslin fri

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I go thru that somedays, l just go on with my day and correct the high and lows.
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