Anyone have good tips for eating potato chips [Type 1 Diabetes]?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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I know the high fat content is probably what’s giving me a rise later on (like 1-2 hours later). I’m on the omnipod but have never figured out the extended boluses.

Like when i eat something with white flour I just know 2 hours later I need an extra lil bolus and set an alarm. so I’m thinking i may need to do the same w potato chips?

If you’ve used the extended bolus… how the heck do you use it?


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Look on YouTube. It will show you better than someone can explain it.

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Extend is great, but just give an extra unit 1 hour after you finish them.

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I struggle with this too. I been having a craving for these lately and I can't figure out how to bolus for these yet either

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