So my husband has been diagnosed with t1 diabetes

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Last night his sensor expired and he changed it to a new one. And idk what’s the problem but the sensor is giving super low readings. He is using g7 for context. it showed 3.1 constantly with urgent low alarms.

He had a couple of juices and it’s still giving a low. Where as we did a prick test thrice during the night and the readings it gave were 8.5, 9 and then 12.

Has anyone experienced such in accuracy with a cgm?

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New sensor needs to be calibrated several times in first 24 hours! No matter what they tell you in the instruction book. I have used dexcom for years, and I still calibrate once a day.

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Always check finger poke before treating unless he is clearly low.. have had several instances where dexcom was completely wrong

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I did with a Guardian 3 sensor and when I removed it, out gushed the blood. Has he changed it now? It could also be scar tissue under the skin etc.
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