I have a question about everyone’s airport experiences (specifically Dexcom users)

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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I had recently done a lot of flying and had always requested a full body pat down since the Dexcom website says the AIT scanners have not been tested with the sensors/transmitters. Well the last time I flew TSA said that the AIT scanners don’t affect the Dexcom technology and it was the metal detectors I had to worry about (which directly contradicts what Dexcom says on their website).

I was curious what everyone else does while going through security, and if anybody has had their CGM malfunction after going through the scanners?

Also any advice for navigating security?

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I’ve flown at least 80 times with omnipod and Dexcom and always go through the body scanner, never an issue. If you aren’t comfortable, it’s your right to request a pat down and not go through. I just prefer how quick and easy it is going through. Dexcom didn’t test the scanner for FDA approval, so they can’t recommend you go through

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I flew in July and asked to be pat down and they told me the new scanners don’t affect them and are fine to go through so I did. My Dexcom was totally fine, no issues.

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I go through the full body scanners all the time with no ill effects. What tends to get me is dehydration which greatly effects the Dexcom so my advice is go through the body scanner and stay hydrated and all will be good.

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My doctor told me to request a pat down because of Dexcom’s recommendation and bc it wouldn’t be fun to have my Dexcom malfunction on a 6-hour flight. The airport said it is fine to go through but I always ask for a patdown. Doesn’t take that much more time.

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Not trying to brass but ask your self this. Who spent the millions of dollars in R&D to create the product that makes our life easier? Dexcom or Body scanner companies?

At the end of the day I listen to the company that engineered it.

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Anecdotally: many people go thru the body scanners and x-rays with zero problem. Some people go thru the body scanner and x-rays and have either pump or Dexcom malfunction.

I’d prefer to not have to deal with a malfunctioning pancreas especially while traveling. For that reason, I do pat down or metal detector.

Also, the cgm and pump companies say don’t use body scanners or x-rays.

Metal detectors are fine. TSA will say whatever they want to get you thru the line quicker. My two cents.
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