Humalog vs Novolog.. But curious if anyone else had to switch and what their experience was?

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I went to pick up my Humalog from my pharmacy and the pharmacist said Oh I see they switched you to Novolog. My endo said nothing to me about this.

Anyone else have this happen?

I really do not want to switch and read that switching can mess up your blood sugar for weeks if not months. Of course I messaged my endo office..

But curious if anyone else had to switch and what their experience was?

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I’ve switched back and forth depending on what insurance pays for and have had no issues. 1:1 for me.

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I’ve switched and there was literally no difference. They are both rapid acting insulin and they are the same strength. There is zero reason to expect any significant difference.

I’d honestly believe anyone who blames a change in brand of rapid insulin for poor BG control for months had poor control in general and doesn’t know how to adjust their ratios as needed. Not that switching from Humalog to Novolog would even necessitate an adjustment to one’s ratios.

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Yes, I switched due to insurance coverage. Thanks to this forum I felt better about the switch. I was afraid to do it but nothing happened.

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We did. . Our pharmacy insurance at work changed and they up and decided the same thing. Asked my son’s Endo and she said “technically “ they are the same. She suggested filling the Novolog and trying a ‘blind’ test to see if we noticed any differences so if we did that would give her time to put together the argument for the insurance co. So far so good. . I’ve switched back and forth and no super glaring differences.

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My insurance demanded that switch 10 or so years ago and several days after I used it (3-5) I called the office to let him know “even if most bodies don’t know the difference in the switch mine does and I can not manage my numbers” and he was able to switch me back.

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We have had to switch a few times because insurance companies often just decides one day they don't want to cover what they have been covering. The pharmacy usually notifies the Dr's office, who approves it without notifying us, so when we go to pick it up they have something different. It has never been an issue with my son. Many times they are the exact same thing, just a different name on it.
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