My sugar JS spiked from 109 to 367

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.. and I only ate spring rolls and took 5 units of insulin and my mom's Hella mad so y'all tell me what's goin on?

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Stress can make our sugars skyrocket. Is there something you’re stressed about? Your mother yelling at you as an example. Maybe your IC ratio needs adjusting or maybe you took the insulin too close to eating.

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They’re fried. Fried foods make my bs skyrocket.

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Asian food tends to raise blood sugar and linger. If after 4hours it does not drop then you just correct. In the meantime you just have to take a walk and see.

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I never know what my sugar is gonna do but if it is high it never makes my mom mad and she don't yell at me she just says go take such and such amount of insulin to start and we will go from there

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First off tell you mom I said back off. She's got no right to be angry at you. That kinda drama will make you resent her and also could contribute to negative health issues down the road from keeping secrets because she comes unhinged.
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