Admelog (insulin lispro injection).. I think the pharmacy messed up

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I'm suppose to get 7- 3mL vials (21mL). They gave me 5- 3mL vials and 2- 10mL vials (35mL). Guess I'll just add the larger vials to my insulin stash.


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Take back. Their mistake! I use CVS and the pharmacist replaced it for me with no issues. I've also been told by another pharmacy that they couldn't take it back since I had already left with it but it was their mistake and they had to make it right.

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Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, I would double check that you have the right thing before you leave that particular pharmacy. Always concerned when there are mistakes like that because they can kill somebody with the wrong scrip.

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I work the register at a drug store. I would encourage everyone to physically check what you pick up before you leave the pharmacy counter.
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