I want migrating MY website from wix to WordPress

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Anyone have any experience in migrating their site from wix to Wordpress, if so how was it what did you find difficult, was it cheaper, what was better, how were the SEO functions and regular website settings what do you prefer about wix and what did you use to migrate over

Im asking this as I feel like I’m limited on wix about how I can edit and do my seo iv hit a ceiling but also worried as we’re in a very bad time financially right now and I’m worried if I mess it up I’m going to be in even bigger of an issue

Please give advice as well on what you wish you knew when you started Wordpress


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First, WordPress gives you way more functionality. This allows you to customize and use code to create a great unique look and feel vs Wix.

In terms of SEO, you have plugins, scripts, and code that you can implement Schema and other things that are very limited on Wix. You can rank a Wix website it will just cost you a lot more time or money (depending on the type of SEO you perform) to rank vs someone who can quickly and easily implement some of these things that are more difficult on Wix.

I don't think it's as easy as just migrating to WordPress, as another person mentioned you will more than likely have to re-design the entire website unless, of course, someone has developed something that does it for you now.

Also, make sure you 100% use the same permalink structure or 301 redirects to your new structure or you will lose your current backlinks and will be starting over from brand new.

Another thing with WordPress is you can host it through other hosts that are better and faster, you also have the capability of using CDNs and much more control over various functions. Wix has come a long way but has a much longer way to go to even come close to being fully functional.
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