What can I use instead of noodles in lasagna?

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In Ketogenic diet.. What can I use instead of noodles in lasagna?

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I had it with sliced zucchini it was very good

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Zucchini! it's my favorite. I love it with spaghetti and lasagna you don't even miss the noodles.

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I used the fat head pizza dough.. cut it into strips (like a noodle) then layered up from there.. my family can’t tell the difference.

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Egg-Life wraps. They are awesome !!

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I used sliced ham to layer a pizza casserole once.. surprisingly almost tasted like noodles. You can also get palmini lasagna “noodles”

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Zucchini works really well, sliced long and thin .

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Sliced turkey. Check out Maria Emmerich’s protein noodle lasagna. It is so good!

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I tryed the "Egglife" wraps slices them up, (I used pizza cutter) so there like noodles, put in boiling water for few min. drain put your Spagetti sauce, meat and cheese on top. Was pretty good and there only made of eggs.

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I use eggplant.. slice, remove rind, Blanche in boiling water until soft, layer as you would noodles..delish!
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