Does anyone have any tips on handling anxiety with low blood sugars while being alone?

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Does anyone have anything for me?

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I’m so sorry you’re dealing with both. I’ve been on anti-anxiety meds for about 8 yrs and have been T1D for 1.5 yrs. Meds help me tremendously. I’d suggest reaching out to friends when feeling anxious, just going to store, being around others.

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Aim small, miss small. The less carbs you eat the less insulin you take which decreases your chances of taking too much insulin. Make sure you dial in your basal and bolus carb ratio and eat lower carb and your lows not be as fast or as often.

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Are you able to identify the underlying cause of your anxiety? Do you have someone you can can call or facetime when you're low to help talk with you until you raise your sugar? Create a plan. Keep fast sugar on you, and in every room in your house if possible. I find CGM helps a lot.

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I have the same thing. I have hired a diabetes therapist to try to help me with this. I think tapping really helps with anxiety. You can find a guided YouTube video for this.

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I am alone too I just learned that to stay alive I just have juice boxes right next to my night stand when the alarm goes off. Every morning that I am able to wake up is a blessing. I just reassessing and keep adjusting the necessary dosage to prevent lows. Trust me there was plenty of time I was like good thing I woke up. Stay strong!!

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I lived alone for a bit and made sure I always had someone I could call that would 100% answer the phone at any hour, even if it was an on call doctor if no one else. I also keep my glucagon nasal spray by my bed side and one in my purse. I also keep juice in my car, my purse, and by my bed. I think anxiety wise - having someone to call helped so much, and my pcp ended up prescribing me an anti-anxiety med to take when the anxiety gets too bad or if I have a panic attack. I also think having a neighbor or roommate at least be aware that you’re diabetic is helpful, even if you don’t talk much or know them well, so that you could knock on their door in an emergency. There are also alerts you can have sent to other people’s phones if you have a CGM that alerts them also when you’re going low. I guess my point is that having ALL the tools handy and safety plans in place keep my anxiety at bay!

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Fluctuating blood sugars cause anxiety. My endocrinologist told me that. I take small dose of anxiety pill as needed if I’m having a bad rollercoaster day with blood sugars. Talk to your dr about options to help. Lots of different methods to help anxiety are out there.
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