Open to any thoughts, suggestions etc as we begin this T1D journey

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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My future stepson (18) was just diagnosed with T1D this past Friday 1/6, after blood work from his recent physical showed unusually high levels. The follow up tests confirmed things so here I am. She prescribed 7 units before bedtime for this weekend and we have a follow up tomorrow (Monday 1/9) with the doctor, so just trying to educate myself as much as possible these last 48 hours.

Needless to say we were all blindsided by the news, but also thankful given the timing, as he is potentially going away for school this summer, so the physical was a blessing in disguise in that now we know what we are dealing with and can all work together on a plan.

Open to any thoughts, suggestions etc as we begin this journey, Thanks!

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Please read Think Like a Pancreas and have him read it as well. By far the best educational book on T1D that I have read and I was diagnosed over 20 years ago.

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I agree with the comments in juicebox podcast and think like a pancreas, both great resources. If you haven't gotten him a continuous glucose monitor (cgm) yet, push the doctors about getting one. It really helps know more of what's going on. Especially in the honeymoon phase when the pancreas does some work again and you have to adjust dosing.

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Don't try to take on board everything at once slow and steady is the way, something I wish I had been told right back at the start is how much emotions can play a part in our levels, I have learned now not be around people who argue a lot and I learned some good ways to stop myself getting angry,

Also his favourite food Always keep a book it helps to work out how much insulin you need.... I wrote down my favourite breakfast then how long before the meal I injected my insulin how many units I injected my level before and after the meal and how I felt after eating like did I feel a bit dizzy or sick did I feel more energetic things like that,

It takes a while but you start to see if you need to inject a bit earlier or a few more unit's (all our bodies are different) lol

Just a example...

I had Two Eggs (scrambled)

Two Bacon

Two Black pudding

Two susages and a bit of Bubble.

I injected 12 unit's of Nova rapid insulin approximately 10 minutes before eating

Felt fine after

(That sort of thing)

But we are all different in how many units and how long before a meal we need to inject.

Hope this helps a little
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