Is there a way you can change the Omnipod PDM batteries without having to change your pod?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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I remember being told how to but it was years ago and I don’t remember what it was.

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Just pop the batteries out and change it. If it’s forcing you to change the pod when you change batteries, that means your PDM has a bad internal battery and Insulet will send you a new PDM at no cost.

I’m a 13 year omnipod user and the only time mine deactivated my pod when changing batteries, I called and got a replacement.

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I have this same problem. I’ve been using omnipod for over 2 years and I never had this problem til like a couple of months ago. If I need to change the battery and the pod I make sure to do the battery first then it’ll deactivate my pod.
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