I’m 36 year old, trying to conceive for about 8 years.. Any recommendations?

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Hi all,  looking for help / advice; I’m 36 year old, trying to conceive for about 8 years. Have done hormone tests, progesterone levels very low, well under minimum recommended.

But here’s the thing, all recommendations are around food and diet.

I eat well, plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and vege.

I don’t drink alcohol.

Sugar intake is very minimal.

Being hormonal issue, relates to gut health?

Any recommendations?


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I’m a nutritionist and while Fresh fruit and veg are awesome we need lots of animal fats and cholesterol. Cholesterol is what our sex hormones like progesterone are made out of. I’ve helped people with reoccurring miscarriages get pregnant and a pillar of that is choosing healthy fats like animal fats, coconut oil etc and welcoming cholesterol

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There are many reasons why you might not be conceiving, from nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, stress, toxins and chemicals, thyroid issues, taking folic acid supplements (typically recommended by GPs), or other causes, so this isn't the place to ask. You can still eat well but if stomach function of acid/enzyme production is poor, you will not be digesting or absorbing nutrients, leading to nutrient deficiencies and inability to conceive. Best to see a Nutritionist (not dietitian) or a Naturopath who specialises in preconception and pregnancy, and who can properly analyse blood tests to find causes in you.

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Stop eating fruit and vegetables move towards a carnivorous diet. Plant toxins play havoc with hormones as they are mostly estrogenic in nature.
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