Anybody have any idea or thoughts on why my dog wouldn’t be able to keep any water down?

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He’s pukes clear puddles of water after almost each time he drinks.

He was drinking tap water then we tried filtered water from the refrigerator, bottled spring water at room temperature, we’ve gave it to him in small amounts and still same thing happens. He’s always drank fast but it doesn’t matter how much or little we give he will still drink it in seconds then spit it up.

Nothing had changed prior to this happening but this has now been going on for about a month now.

He’s a maltese/shitzu and yorkie mix. A year old

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Try distilled water and change to a glass bowel. Wash and rinse well daily.

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My guess is the rate of consumption. Maybe try using like a dinner plate to give small amounts. But, you should make a vet appointment at this point.

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My daughter's dog has done this since he was a pup, and he's 8. He waits to drink and then just does it way too enthusiastically, pretty much throws some of it up all the time. It's his rate of slurping.
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