My dog has pee 4 times in my kitchen during the night

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Hi! Can somebody adv what it can be? Since December 31st, my dog has pee 4 times in my kitchen during the night! It is not a little bit, it is a lot of pee which it really concerns me.

I didn’t left any water for her to drink during the night because I thought that was the problem. It can’t be incontinence since it just happens during the night and she usually sleeps with my daughter, so she wakes up and go to the kitchen and pee there.

She is trained to go outside but of course in the middle of the night she doesn’t have anybody to open the door.

I am calling the vet today.

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It could be a variety of things. One of my dogs years ago began peeing in the house, big, clear puddles. He had bloods done and turned out he was in the early stages of Cushing's disease. It made him drink more so he had to pee more and could hold a full bladder over a long time. Medication sorted the peeing.

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Maybe take her out to pee before bed. Then wake up in a few hours-mid night- and take her out to pee. See if it helps. Maybe she's unable to hold her bladder that long?

My one pup is a small girl. 25lbs maybe. She can't hold her bladder longer than 5-6 hrs. So I use pee pads at night, on nights I kno ill be sleeping longer.
My larger dogs-52 lb and 75lbs- can hold their bladder for 8-10 hrs. Sometimes longer.

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My dog was doing this and the vet called it diabetes, but it she had pancreatitis that was causing a multi system organ failure and she was actually in kidney failure. Take to the vet sooner than later.
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