Is there any high potential risk to my kitty if I neuter him being diabetic?

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Hi everyone! My male cat aged about 1.5 year old I didn’t get him neutered as they told me that he is already neutered but after making my female pregnant I realized he isn’t neutered but the problem is he is diabetic and on a diet for controlling his sugar levels but my question is: Is there any high potential risk to my kitty if I neuter him being diabetic?

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An un neuted male will get into a lot of fights with other cats. This is potentially more dangerous than one operation. If he's a house cat he will probably spray and mark his territory.

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Fix the cat. The chance of it affecting his diabetic issues are low. The chance of him passing the diabetes to future litters and having issues from being intact are high.

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Cat neuters are incredibly quick an easy. He won’t be under very long. If your worried I’m sure the vet would be happy to run some extra preop blood work and keep him longer for postop monitoring.

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If your vet thinks it's safe it should be minimal. We do surgery on diabetic pets all the time, far more invasive than a neuter. Are we sure your 1.5 year old cat is diabetic? That's almost unheard of for a cat that young. I think a long conversation with your vet about him and his health, pros and cons of neutering and long term care going forward is in order.

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Your female should’ve been spayed too.

If his diabetes is being managed properly and his numbers are good then there’s no reason why his diabetes would cause a problem. Getting neutered is a very quick and easy procedure and you can also do blood work screening first to make sure he’s healthy before surgery. Talk to your vet. But you really need to get your animals fixed because we don’t need more cats in the world right now when there are so many that need homes.
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