I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what I can do to stop my cat from puking all the time

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... She is 15 years old and we feed her in small amounts because she eats so fast and then vomits a couple times after... We had her at the vet in November about a clear vomit they did test said she was extremely healthy especially for a cat her age... She won't eat soft food and only brand of food she will eat is Purina cat chow we have tried others she won't touch it..

I believe it's because she eats so fast but idk why she eats like she does and Idk what to do...

She mainly stays in my son's room and sleeps with him and he's throwing a fit because she's vomiting daily on his bedding, his floor computer...

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The most important thing is to make sure that the water is changed daily, use bottled water if possible but most importantly the bowl needs to be washed with soap daily... And if you have a fountain then use bottled water and change the filter in the fountain at least twice a month. Also she could have some sort of a food allergy, one of my cats was allergic to chicken so I had to change food several times. You should ask your vet to go on a hydrolyzed prescription diet, the best one is actually Blue Buffalo HF or Blue Buffalo w+u... Do not use the hill products etc they use soy and all kinds of BS...

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I know they make dog bowls with "pillars" in them so it forces the dog to eat slower as the dog would have to eat around the pillars. Not sure if they would work for cats or if they have them for cats. My sister had to use one for her dog b/c he was eating to fast and puking. Good luck

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Vomiting daily is unlikely from eating too fast as that would be regurgitating, which is not the same. If blood work came back normal than I'd have a discussion with your vet about Inflammatory Bowel Disease, food allergies or other GI diseases that cause chronic vomiting.

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Has vet done ultrasound or checked on your cats kidney and liver function? I'd be concerned that this could be from a health issue especially with her age. Also as your vet mentioned anything for nausea like cerenia injection or pill to see if that stops the vomiting. it helped a great deal with my cat when he was having a vomiting issue. Maybe try only putting a little scoop out at a time every few hours so she does not eat as much or possibly as quickly. Or do you think it could be her food? try to think about the time the vomitting issue began and think about your cats diet from that time to now and if there is anything new you have tried her on such as treats, food, or even medications or flea treatment.

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try a slow feeder, the kind she won't have to chase on account of her age that prob won't work for her.

also consider she may have some hairball blockage, it builds up worse with age, will cause this repeated puking issue. i suggest giving either the hairball meds (otc or from vet they are the same) if she'll eat it, that flavored goop stuff or if she won't, some type of fat...fish oil, butter, coconut oil (my cats actually prefer but they might be retarded )...just a little bit (1/4) tspnish twice a day for a week. helps them pass the offending matter.
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