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It takes me forever to get to .5 ketosis. I can get to .7 tops (that’s with fasting) and after I eat Or first thing in the morning I ‘m back to .1 or .2. We are talking after eating no carb (steak, chicken). I am usually at 12 net carbs for a day.

So frustrating… I feel like I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Am I doing something wrong?

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If you're using the blood meter, that's the exact frustration we had, so we returned the meter. I like to use the pee strips (Even some say it's inaccurate. You just need to understand how it works). It's easy to use and I use it throughout the day to understand what food does what to me or when my ketone level is the highest (right after getting up in the morning and when fasting). We didn't like the blood meter because it showed both of us were not in Ketosis after two months strict Keto and we lost a lot of weight. It's useless if it doesn't show anything and not presenting the real status of your ketone level changes. So I say if you use blood meter, don't be too focused on it because it's not presenting your real state in terms of your ketone level changes. If you're losing weight, you're good.

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I believe that your body starts using the ketones which is why they stop showing with a urine test.. Blood monitoring is more accurate.

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Depending on how long you've been keto, the test strips aren't an effective way to test ketosis. After about 2 weeks, mine show no ketosis but a blood meter will show ketosis.
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