Does anyone have an effective way to get off of fleas in the house, specifically the carpet?

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I have four indoor cats, one of them is indoor/outdoor, and it's his bedroom he sleeps in at night that has the fleas - and I simply cannot get rid of them no matter how much a vacuum.

I have used diatomaceous earth (food grade only) on the carpet in the bedroom, and had stanley steemer clean that carpet as well, and I vacuum the carpet several times a day.  And I have washed, and re-washed anything and everything that can be washed, throughout the house (bed linens, area rugs, pillows, cat bedding, etc)

One of my cats has a flea allergy and he's just scratching incessantly, and causing scabs around his neck and bare spots where he just over grooms the hair off trying to clean the fleas off of himself.  All of my cats are on Advantage flea prevention from the Vet.  It's just that one bedroom where I can't get rid of the fleas.

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Mycodex spray is an amazing product. It’s very safe and effective. I worked as a tech for 12 years and couldn’t count how many times I recommended it with nothing but rave reviews coming back.

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You need to treat the whole house. They will be in every room not just in the cats bed/room.

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Vacuum vacuum and vacuum some more then when your done, vacuumed some more. Then take the bag and dump in outside trash. Capstar for the pets.

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First thing I would do, take salt and sprinkle it all over your carpet! It will kill them instantly. Then get the cats on prevention right away.

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You need a treatment for the house, I use indorex, and treat on a 10-14 day cycle. That allows any eggs in the carpets and furniture to hatch and you can kill the larvae.

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Spray with a flea bomb that kills eggs. Keep cats out for a couple of days. Then do it again every week or 2.
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