I would like some advice please on LABRADOR MOULTING

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.. my 6 month old lab is moulting so badly.. He is walking and so much hair is coming out he jumps up at me and my clothes are covered!.

Bought him a new bed yesterday and it's covered in hair balls. Hos been brushed daily and I'm liturally hoovering 3/4 times a day to remove any hair from surfaces!.. Is this normal?

For January 1st lqb owner and never seen a dog MOULTING so much before.


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Go outside daily and do a good brushing

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We own a Black Lab, a bull mastador, and an Argentine Dogo... Black, tan and white. I feel your pain. This spring, the fight starts all over again. We use a shampoo for shed control and salmon oil.

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Yup and that’s not the half of it. This Spring they will shed their winter fur. I have 3 labs.

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Yup, labs are big time shedders. Look into the furminator brush. You have to use it consistently but it’ll drastically cut down the shed in your home.
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