I adopted a stray right before Christmas

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From what I understand she’s about 2 years old, she and her brother had been abandoned for about two months and living in someone’s garage. They couldn’t take care of them for any longer and put them up on Facebook.

Since she’s been here, she’s been very skittish, she seems like she’s adapting one minute, then a sound startles her and she’s hiding the next. She’s eating and using the litter box at night when we are asleep. Should I be concerned or is this part of the process?

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It's all part of the process. you have to be patient and work at their pace. do not try to rush anything. if you want to try to pet the kitty put your hand out if they resist don't try anymore.

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You can always use a calming voice when the kitty gets scared about something. tell her it's okay. just don't try to pet her if she's not receptive.

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Part of the process of learning to trust.
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