Ok, big decision… butler’s pantry or no butler’s pantry?

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I’m seeing a lot of beautiful kitchens without, but they have loads of cupboards and drawers and bench space. So while my heart says yes, my head is wondering whether just a bigger kitchen will suffice. And how does it compare cost-wise.

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They are stunning aren't they!? But we went with no butlers pantry because of cost and because cleaning one kitchen space is enough (for me haha)

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I went for walk in pantry. It could be a butlers pantry with size but didn't want any sink in it.

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Yes! As someone that doesn't like guests to see that we actually live in our house, a butler's pantry is amazing for hiding away things when people are over.

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Semi Butlers here and we absolutely love it 🫶 would highly recommend…
Similar to a butlers - everything is out of sight from my kitchen but no sink/oven as we didn’t need two.

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I’m building and I have a huge pantry- fully shelved. I’m not doing a butler’s because I want to stock pile canned tomatoes

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Walk in pantry would be my choice. It does depend on how big your kitchen is and how you use the space.

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Love mine. It has shelves, cupboards, drawers, microwave, second sink and dishwasher behind a barn door.

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Absolutely butlers pantry!!! Hands down one of the best decisions we made when we built. Couldn’t be without it.

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If you can afford one why not but only if you can include a sink, prep areas and appliance centre otherwise it’s just a storage cupboard

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I had the house of my dreams and have built so I can have a butlers. I’ll have main sink in it and a dishwasher. We will do the everyday things in Buttler allowing main kitchen to be flitter free.

If I want to make a cuppa and a sandwich I’ll make it in there so I don’t have to care if I leave something out.

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Instead of a butler pantry I had the entire room as just a pantry - no sink no appliances- best thing.Have the pots pans- all kitchen small electrical goods on the shelves easy to take out and put back and unpacking grocery bags - Easy as - all done in the one area

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I like my butlers pantry but have to say I miss my 2 big open doors to my old pantry as I could see everything in front of me instead of always bending down under the bench to look for things

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I don’t see the point in the whole sink thing but I just went a walk in with storage and a place for appliances.

For me, I have no interest in cooking and prepping in a cupboard and I stack the dishwasher as I cook and after meals.

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I am in the midst of converting an excess room into a dry pantry directly off the kitchen and accessed via the original double pantry doors... all the advice I got from professionals in my area is that this will put me at the top of desirability in terms of offering, which certainly helped convince the Mr to get on board... but is something I have wanted for myself ever since we bought this house over a decade ago (good things take time, lol)

My capital improvement value is around $15k with the addition... costing me about $2.5k

These room.are what people want now, so if you have the option for it, my advice is to go for it!

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