Can I see kitchens of islands connected to the side of the wall or bench?

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I had my kitchen plans drawn up today, unfortunately I don’t have the space for a stand alone kitchen island, as the island would be too small.. Can I please see kitchens of islands connected to the side of the wall or bench? (hope that makes sense) I really had my heart set on a free standing island.

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I actually was looking at galley kitchens yesterday on Pinterest, sone of them had no island attached but sone had an island attached.

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At least with a peninsular you get a corner cupboard which will give extra storage.

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A peninsula bench is a great alternative to having an island. It will function the same and give an illusion of a bigger/ longer bench

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Peninsulas (attached island) work just as well. Have you considered a small island on wheels. I have one but not at home to photograph. It’s about a metre long and 600mm deep. Three drawers and I love it. Just roll it in theory but it’s pretty heavy due to stone top.

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I have an island and I wouldn’t ask for it again. It’s not used for anything other than people leaving stuff there rather than put away. It’s to far from the sink and fridge to food prep. Waste of space.

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I really wanted an island also, but being in a two storied house, I couldn’t change the floor/wall plan without it being a major. So my ‘island’ is attached.


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We had the same problem but I’m really happy with our little kitchen ( excuse the floor, it’s a work in progress)


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I was told I didn’t have the room either. But I had a dining table in there for years and simply replaced it with an island. The dining table drove me insane because nobody put their chairs back…. I went with my gut & I’ve been happy with the space. Only change id make - no bar stools.

The island is 1000 and space between island and bench is 1050. If I had less space, I’d go a narrower island. My friend has a 800 island and it’s really nice to work on in the kitchen.


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